About Me

  • Alexa, don't Google that!

    Doing a quick google search for training during pregnancy can get you in a pretty dangerous place...don't do that...I repeat...DON'T DO THAT. That's what it felt like my only choice was when I was having my first baby because there's just not a lot of education available to the average consumer on how to efficiently train during pregnancy, much less for recovering afterwards.

    Pregnancy & postpartum is not an easy journey and for many moms, the recovery process gets overlooked. There are so many changes happening to our bodies during this time right before and after having a baby and as a mom of 2, without the knowledge and training I have received, the journey towards healing would have been much more challenging. Let's connect to discuss how I can help you feel prepared for recovery and feel confident and strong in your body!

Are you ready to be proactive and do this thing with a trainer who KNOWS where to start and help you get where you want to be?!